Why use the Potassium Formate drilling solution?

Why use the Potassium Formate drilling solution
During the drilling construction, choosing the appropriate drilling solution is a highly technical task. The choice of drilling fluids needs to be formulated according to different environmental conditions, and it is not possible to achieve better results. The results of the base heat survey, understand the local geological water heat, determine the geothermal drilling design process and construction plan, and choose the applicable rig, drilling utensils and other related materials.

Why use the Potassium Formate drilling fluid during drilling?

In terms of the choice of drilling solution, Potassium Formate drilling solution has multiple advantages. First of all, it can clean the bottom of the well, wash the strata, and cool down the drilling utensils. It can also effectively carry rock chips and keep it suspended. In addition, the Potassium Formate drilling solution can balance the pressure of anger through the pressure of the liquid column, prevent blowouts, and stabilize the wall of the well to effectively prevent drilling from collapse.
Secondly, the Potassium Formate drilling solution can realize the rock recording well through the circulation process to support the power transfer power of the screw or turbine drill.
The actual application shows that Potassium Formate can effectively suppress the hydrophilic reaction. Therefore, the Potassium Formate is gradually introduced into the drilling well, especially in the application of the high -density drilling well fluid system, which has achieved significant results.
General drilling solution can achieve relatively low water solution activity, and under the conditions of the semi -transparent membrane, the activity of the drilling solution is essential to maintain stability. NACI and CACI2 have basically reached saturation at a concentration of about 30-40%. In contrast, Potassium Formate has a higher degree of solubility and can reach more than 76%. Therefore, it has a better inhibitory effect, which is essential for the stability of the well wall. Therefore, selecting Potassium Formate drilling solution is more secure and effective in drilling.

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