What are the advantages of the Potassium Formate Drilling Fluid system?

potassium formate drilling

(1) With potassium formate drilling fluid, you can enjoy excellent solubility, high density, low solids content, low viscosity, and good compatibility. By using a small amount of water-based weighting agent and adding an appropriate amount of gel during weighting, the high-density potassium formate system can maintain low viscosity and low fluid loss.

(2) When it comes to rock formations like the Anjihai River Formation and the Taxigai River Formation, which have strong dispersibility in the southern edge of the Junggar Basin, the potassium formate drilling fluid prepared in the laboratory exhibits good inhibitive properties. Its use value also lies in its good flow characteristics, making it suitable for geological conditions in the southern edge areas.

(3) The potassium formate system has a strong ability to resist calcium and solid-phase contamination. This makes it advantageous for drilling through complex sections.

(4) Even after being subjected to a thermal rolling test at 150°C for 16 hours, the high-density potassium formate drilling fluid shows minimal performance fluctuations. It can withstand high temperature and ensure the stability in the drilling process.

(5) Even at a density of 2.62 g/cm3, potassium formate drilling fluid still maintains good lubricity, which is crucial for ensuring safe drilling operations.

High -density potassium drilling solution has a good lubrication performance, which is very important for preventing complex accidents (such as differential adhesion and ensuring safe drilling operations).

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