Триполифосфат натрия может улучшить вкус курицы

Триполифосфат натрия может улучшить вкус курицы

Optimize chicken texture: Multi-effect of food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate


The dryness of chicken, poor taste, and low production rate have always been an important challenge for chicken processing. This article will explore the various functions of food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate in chicken processing. Through simple language and clear structure, it analyzes its adjustment effect on meat products.

The complex form of chicken moisture

The water in the chicken exists in three forms: combined water, difficulty-flowing water, and free water. The problem of chicken texture is often affected by factors such as pH value, spatial effect, heating, and lipid oxidation. Among them, water holdings are directly related to the production rate, juice, and profits, and are one of the important criteria for the evaluation of meat products.

Multi-effect of phosphate

In the processing of meat products, phosphate shows a variety of beneficial effects, such as improving the adhesion of meat, improving sliced performance, increasing water holdings, and reducing meat loss of meat. Food-grade SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE, as a commonly used additive, can be used alone, or with sodium phosphate and sodium polarized sodium phosphate.

Food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate’s multi-faceted adjustment

Theoretically, food -grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate affects meat products through the following aspects:

1. Improve the pH value of the meat: The pH value of the mature meat is about 5.7, which is close to the electrical point of the protein, resulting in poor water retention. Sodium tripolyphosphate solution is between 9.5 and 9.8, which can be deviated from other electrical points to improve the pH value of raw meat.

2. Chelated metal ions: Sodium tripolyphosphate can be combined with CA2+ and MG2+ions in muscle structural proteins to increase negative charges, loosen the protein structure, and promote saline infiltration and diffusion.

3. Increase the strength of the meat: Sodium Tripolyphosphate, which has a multi-cost anionic ion, shows a higher ion strength at a low concentration, which is conducive to the dissolving of muscle fibrin.

4. Unlocking muscle golin: The phosphate with low polymerization has the effect of trimer-like adenosine, which relieves the muscular protein into myopia and muscle globulin, and improves the water holdings and tenderness of the meat.

Processing plant at different parts
To ensure the water holdings of chicken, different plans for chicken breasts and chicken legs:

Chicken breast adding solution:

Sodium coke phosphate: 21.8%
sodium tripolyphosphat: 45.6%
Sodium sodium phosphate: 32.6%
Add: 0.3%
Chicken leg meat adding scheme:

Sodium coke: sodium tripolyphosphate: sodium sodium phosphate = 2: 2: 1
Add: 0.3%

в заключение

Food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate effectively improves chicken texture and water holdings through many regulatory effects and provides reliable support for chicken processing. Reasonable use of adding schemes will improve the taste of the product while increasing the production rate and profit, and bringing new development opportunities to the chicken processing industry.

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