Пищевой триполифосфат натрия находит широкое применение в производстве лапши

Пищевой триполифосфат натрия'разумное применение в производстве лапши

Improve the taste, improve quality, and reveal the magic of food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Noodles, as a food with nutritious, convenient, fast, and nourishing for the stomach, especially in the northern country, there is a tradition of “no rice can be rice a day, but not faceless”. How to pursue a healthy diet today, and improve the quality of noodles through additives to become a topic worth exploring.

Food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate’s application in noodles

Improve the quality of the noodles: Food-grade STPP improves the structure of the dough, enhances elasticity and viscosity, makes the noodles larger, and the internal phase more uniform, reduces the break rate, and increases biting power and cooking.

Improve taste: Add food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate in production and processing, which can make the noodles smoother and more vigorous, delaying the aging process of bread and steamed buns.

Optimized appearance: Food -Food-grade sodium Tripolyphosphat makes the surface of the noodles more brighter and neat, giving a transparent texture; in the fried noodle products, reducing bubbles and smoother surfaces.

Increase the production rate: Add food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate, which can increase the amount of water as needed, increase the rate of finished products, and provide a guarantee for production efficiency.

Extension of the shelf period: The shelf period for bread and steamed buns can be extended for 1-3 days due to the addition of food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate to increase the sales cycle of goods.

The practice of phosphate collaborative efficiency and efficiency

To better use the synergy effect of various phosphates and improve the quality of the noodles, food-grade Sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium phosphate, and sodium coke phosphate are used in the noodle production. This combination not only enhances the shelf period and storage convenience but also affects the cooking time to a certain extent.

Conclusion: Exploring the multiple effects of food -grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Through the use of meticulous additives, the food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate shows the multiple effects of the noodles, which has greatly improved the noodles in terms of taste, appearance, and storage. The practice of this technology provides more possibilities for food processing, allowing us to enjoy delicious pasta while pursuing health.

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