Qual é o desempenho de retenção de água do aditivo alimentar tripolifosfato de sódio?

Aplicação de tripolifosfato de sódio na produção de fiambre.

Understanding the Hydration Mechanism and Applications of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in Meat Products

In the process of food processing, in order to improve the shape, flavor, color, and food stability of food, a water preservation agent is an indispensable additive. Among them, commonly used food additives Sodium Tripolyphosphate plays a key role in water retention.
In the production of meat products, Sodium Tripolyphosphate is widely used. As an effective activation of meat protein moisture-holding agent, it provides the necessary support for the production and processing of meat products.
The mechanism of sodium tripolyphosphate to improve the water holding of meat includes:
Adjust the pH value of the meat: Sodium Tripolyphosphate can adjust the pH value of the meat to keep it at an equivalent point (pH5.5) higher than the meat protein, thereby improving the water retention performance of the meat and ensuring the taste and tenderness of the meat.
Increasing in strength: The addition of Sodium Tripolyphosphate is conducive to the dissolution of myoglobin, forming a mesh structure in collaboration with salt so that water is concentrated in this mesh structure to further improve water retention.
Chelating metal ions: Sodium Tripolyphosphate can chelate metal ions such as CA2+, MG2+, and Fe2+, improve water retention, and increase antioxidant effects. Metal ions are activated agents for fat oxide, and the addition of phosphate can release calcium and magnesium ions that were originally combined with muscles, thereby enhancing the relaxation of the muscle protein structure, absorbing more water, and improving the water retention of meat.
STPP as a type of phosphate food additive, may be limited in some cases. Therefore, two or more phosphate products are often mixed into a complex product in the application of meat products.
Single-class products: including Sodium Tripolyphosphate, sodium coke phosphate, sodium polarized sodium phosphate, sodium phosphate, etc. These products specify the use of phosphate use standards in the use standard of GB2760 food additives.
Complex products: The national standard general standards are named for the complex moisture, which contains commonly known product names such as pickles, tender meat powder, and other products. It is a product that mixes two or more phosphates.

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