Aplicação do tripolifosfato de sódio na indústria da lavagem

Aplicação do tripolifosfato de sódio na indústria da lavagem

Revolutionizing Cleaning: Unveiling  Applications of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in the Detergent Industry

Sodium Tripolyphosphate is an indispensable excellent assistant in the detergent of the Dragon Mixed Millet in the detergent. The content of most detergents is 10-50 %.
The main purpose of Sodium Tripolyphosphate is 1. Chelating of heavy metal ions; 2. Relaxing, emulsification, and decentralization of dirt; 3. Prevent blocks for detergent; 4. There is a large alkaline buffer.
1. Elastic effect on heavy metal ions: During the washing process, heavy metal ions in water can be combined with detergent molecules to form insoluble metal salts, reduce washing capabilities, and even completely lose effect. Therefore, the chelating agent needs to be added to the detergent, and the chelating agent can turn heavy metal ions contained in the water into harmless substances. Sodium tripolyphosphate has a strong chelating effect on heavy metal ions, which can be closed and eliminate its adverse effect on washing. In addition, it can capture the various metal components contained in the dirt, and play a role in solving the dirt during the washing process. It can also be used as a soap efficiency agent to prevent soap oil from making and frosting.
2. The effect of unlocking, emulsification, and decentralization of dirt: Dirt often contains human secretions (mainly protein and fatty substances), as well as external sand and dust. Sodium tripolyphosphat can swell and dissolve protein in dirt, so as to make it remove. Promote fat emulsification; and dispel solid dirt; it has a strong emulsification effect on lubricating oil and fat, which can be used to regulate the pH value of buffer soap.
3. It has the effect of preventing the block: powder synthetic detergent has hygroscopicity. If it is stored in a place with high humidity, it will occur. The detergent of the node block is very inconvenient to use. Sodium tripolyphosphate forms six water after absorbing water, drying, and drying. When using a large amount of detergent in the formula, it can prevent the dryness and granular of the synthetic detergent due to moisture absorption.
4. It has a large alkaline buffer effect: keep the pH value of the washing solution around 9.4, which is conducive to the removal of acid dirt.
Sodium tripolyphosphate can be divided into white powder-shaped water-shaped gypsum according to the structure and shape, and the six aquatic materials are crystals in the right parallel hexane, which can be divided into types Ⅰ and Ⅱ. Industrial Sodium Tripolyphosphate is actually a mixture of type Ⅰ and Ⅱ. Type I dissolving speed is fast. When hydration is formed, the thermal effect is large when the hexagonal compound is formed. Type II is slow to wet and not easy. Therefore, the content of type I in the sodium tripolyphosphate is not too high and is generally controlled at 10-30%.

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