Is sodium hexametaphosphate safe?

is sodium hexametaphosphate safe

Sodium hexametaphosphate use and security interpretation

1. Sodium hexametaphosphate chemical properties and uses:

Sodium hexametaphosphat is a kind of inorganic compound, also known as sodium phosphate or high sodium phosphate. The chemical formula is NA6P6O18, which is a white or slightly light yellow crystal or powder. Has excellent dissolving performance and good dispersion ability. Sodium hexametaphosphate is widely used in food, medicine, the chemical industry, papermaking, textiles, printing and dyeing, and other fields.

In the food industry

Sodium Hexametaphosphate is used as a food additive. It has the functions of improving the reservation, viscosity, emulsification, and stability of food. It can make meat products more tender and juicy, improve the taste and elasticity of noodle products, and can also extend the shelf life of food. As a puffer and emulsifier to improve the texture and taste of food. At the same time, Sodium Hexametaphosphate is also used to make components that make high-active yeast, yogurt beverages, and quick-frozen foods.

In the field of pharmaceuticals

Sodium Hexametaphosphate can be used as a drug carrier to help the drugs be more dispersed and absorbed. It can also be used as a buffer, regulating the pH value of the drug to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the drug.

In the field of chemical industry

Sodium Hexametaphosphate can be used as an industrial assistant to improve the quality and performance of the product. For example, adding Sodium Hexametaphosphate to the coatings can improve the adhesion and abrasion resistance of the paint; adding Sodium Hexametaphosphate during the papermaking process can increase the strength and whiteness of the paper; adding Sodium Hexametaphosphate to the textile and printing can increase Softness and anti-wrinkle of the fabric.
In addition, Sodium Hexametaphosphate can also be used as cleaners, rust removal agents, waterproofing agents, etc. It is widely used and has excellent performance, so it is widely used in various fields performance.

2. Sodium Hexametaphosphate’s security

In the field of food

For the security of Sodium Hexametaphosphate, much scientific research has been discussed internationally. As a result, the safety of Sodium Hexametaphosphate in food processing is guaranteed. The Domestic Food and Drug Regulatory Department also stipulates the upper limit of the use of Sodium Hexametaphosphate and requires manufacturers to implement a production quality management system to ensure the safety of food additives.
Nevertheless, individual groups may still cause allergic reactions or other adverse reactions. Therefore, when consuming foods containing Sodium Hexametaphosphate, you should carefully consider and choose food carefully.

In the agricultural field

It mainly has an impact on ecology and the environment. Sodium hexametaphosphate is often used as a fertilizer additive to provide phosphorus for plants. Can improve the fertility of the soil and the output of crops. However, excessive use may lead to Sodium hexametaphosphate in the soil and water body, causing environmental problems. The security in agriculture lies in scientific and reasonable dosage control to avoid negative impacts on ecosystems and human health.

In the field of industrial

under appropriate use conditions, Sodium Hexametaphosphate has relatively high safety in industrial production. Sodium hexametaphosphat’s health risks for practitioners. In general industrial use, the exposure level of Sodium Hexametaphosphate is low, so the harm to the human body is relatively small. In industrial production, the correct operation and processing procedures should be followed to minimize the risk of workers’ contact and environmental release to the greatest extent. However, certain special cases, such as long-term high-concentration exposure or misuse may cause some harm to the human body. All countries have formulated relevant safety standards and regulatory measures to ensure their safe use in industry and consumer goods.

In the medical field

Sodium Hexametaphosphate is used in some drugs and biomedical research. Its safety mainly depends on the dosage and approach used. Some medical products may contain a trace of Sodium Hexametaphosphate, which is scientifically verified and regulated to ensure its safety in medical applications. However, for patients and medical staff, they need to pay attention to dose control and avoid long-term contact.


The safety of sodium hexametaphosphate in various fields depends on the application scenario, dosage and operation method.

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