Industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate’s use in irregular refractory materials

Industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate's use in irregular refractory materials

The development of new types of refractory materials in industry is complementary to technological progress. The functionalization and productization of irregular refractory materials have promoted more and more complicated prefabricated materials. In this process, the industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate played a key role as an important refractory material binding agent.

In the production of irregular refractory materials, the selection of binding agents has an important impact on the cold and thermal binding intensity of the material and the performance and use of construction (molding). The introduction of industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate is conducive to improving the intensity of infinitive refractory materials at low temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature, but it needs to control the amount to avoid generating a low –melting point substance to have an adverse effect on the sintering of the material.

With the rapid development of modern technology, irregular refractory materials, as an important branch of the refractory material industry, have attracted more and more attention due to their unique advantages. Manufacturers who produce irregular refractory materials are committed to technical renewal and breakthroughs and moving toward the direction of high-purity, high-density, and ultra-high-temperature products. At the same time, there are many auxiliary materials suitable for refractory materials and refractory fiber. Among them, the industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphat is one of them.

When the industrial sodium hexametaphosphate is used as a binding agent for alkaline refractory materials, the orthodox phosphate produced by the hydrolysis and the MGO and CAO response in the alkaline refractory material forms a compound phosphate containing magnesium or calcium, which will produce a strong binding strength. Essence

The irregular refractory material has not been sintered before use, and the lack of ceramics with ordinary sintering products between the particles is combined or directly combined. Essence

As an inorganic binding agent, industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate has a permanent combination effect in normal temperature in normal temperature in irregular refractory material. The industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate supplied by the GOWAY chemical industry conducts innovative development on the basis of the original production technology, exerts its chain-long nature, perfectly combined with industrial fields such as refractory materials, ceramics, industrial soft water, and mineral selection to provide more fine phosphate products. Vast development space.

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