Hexametaphosphate Sodium: Unveiling the Exceptional Choice for Food Additives

Hexametaphosphate Sodium Unveiling the Exceptional Choice for Food Additives

Hexametaphosphate Sodium: Uncovering the Safety and Versatility of a Superior Food Additive

Food-grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate is a high-quality food additive. Although many people may be worried when they mention food additives, you may have never really understood their role. Sodium hexametaphosphate is used as a commonly used food additive. The performance meets the requirements and has good safety. It is a high-quality food improvement agent.

Food-grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate is a phosphoric acid produced by heat phosphate, which is widely used in food additive lists. Regarding the safety of food additive sodium hexametaphosphate, in fact, its own safety is relatively high. This is because the world’s consistent food additive safety assessment methods and standards are adopted worldwide. Its management is a real-time and dynamic supervision. The China Health and Health Commission the State Food and Drug Administration and other institutions are responsible for fully evaluating their safety, while the Food Safety Risk Evaluation Center is responsible for specific safety evaluation.

So, how is the security evaluation of the food additive sodium hexametaphosphat?

China has a unified food safety toxic evaluation procedure and method. These standards and methods are revised in accordance with the regulations of the UN Food Code. Toxic evaluation usually includes four stages: acute toxic experiments, genetic toxic tests, sub-chronic toxic tests, and chronic toxic tests. Only after these four tests ensure no toxic performance, Sodium Hexametaphosphat can be rated as safe, determine the maximum non-effective dose, and obtain the daily maximum intake, and the intake will not produce toxicity.

In addition, any enterprise must be regulated and evaluated before producing the food additive sodium hexametaphosphate, including the technical level and overall management level. Only after evaluating and obtaining a license can we legally produce food additives.

With the continuous progress of science, people’s understanding and research on things are also developing in depth. Sodium hexametaphosphat is different from the range and amount of use in different foods due to their different uses, such as the maximum usage in canned, fruit juice (fruity) drinks, and plant protein drinks is 1.0g/kg; The maximum usage of products, dairy products, poultry products, meat products, ice cream, instant noodles and other foods is 5.0g/kg. Therefore, no matter which food is used, it must be added strictly in accordance with the relevant doses and scope of national food additives.

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