Comprehensive Insights into the Efficient Production of Industrial Sodium Phosphate

Introduction to industrial sodium phosphate process

Introduction to industrial sodium phosphate process

The production of industrial sodium phosphate involves the utilization of sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, and sodium sulfate as primary raw materials. Among these, sodium chloride holds the central position as the primary raw material, while sodium phosphate and sodium sulfate serve as complementary components. Emphasis is placed on ensuring the high quality of sodium chloride, which is commonly employed as a refining agent.

 In the case of sodium phosphate and sodium sulfate, the use of high-purity products is imperative to guarantee the efficacy and safety of the final product.

The production process for sodium phosphate.

1.Raw Material Preparation:

To ensure product quality, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, and sodium sulfate are proportionately mixed, forming the basis for the subsequent steps.


The mixed materials are introduced into a reactor and subjected to controlled heating to facilitate the reaction, resulting in the formation of sodium phosphate.


Following the reaction, the solution is gradually cooled to a specific temperature, inducing the crystallization of sodium phosphate and yielding the desired crystalline product.


The crystalline product is transferred to a washing tank, where an ample quantity of water is added to facilitate thorough washing. This step to eliminate any impurities adhering to the surface of the crystalline product.


The washed crystal products are placed in a drying box and exposed to elevated temperatures, causing the evaporation of water content. This process culminates in the attainment of dry products.


The dry product undergoes screening using a specialized machine, resulting in the classification of sodium phosphate products into various particle sizes.
 the industrial production of sodium phosphate involves a meticulously orchestrated sequence of steps, starting from raw material preparation and culminating in the creation of high-quality sodium phosphate products with diverse particle sizes. The emphasis on raw material quality and precise manufacturing processes ensures the effectiveness and safety of the final industrial sodium phosphate product.

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