Can sodium hexametaphosphate be used in alkaline dyeing additives?

Sodium Hexameta Phosphate SHMP

At present, the printing and dyeing industry still adopts traditional acid-dye bathing conditions in the dyeing of polyester fabrics. However, this method has problems with poor quality, low yield, and high production costs, and gradually does not adapt to production needs, especially after polyester woven dyeing. One key factor to solve these problems is to introduce alkaline dyeing additives, while Sodium Hexametaphosphate is a kind of dyeing assistant in phosphate products.

First, let’s understand the advantages of the alkaline dyeing auxiliary agent:

The alkaline dyeing auxiliary agent is a special dyeing assistant designed for polyester woven fabric alkaline dyeing processing. By selecting decentralized dyes with good alkali resistance, and using special alkali agents, polyester fabrics can be dyed under alkaline conditions. This makes the color of the fabric more vivid, and reduces flaws such as color difference, color flowers, and contamination, greatly improving the output and quality of the product, and reducing production costs.

Then, look at the application of sodium hexametaphosphate in the alkaline dyeing auxiliary agent:

The alkaline dyeing auxiliary is usually composed of three components: sodium carbonate, borax, and sodium hexametaphosphate. The percentage of the three components is 22-26 % of sodium carbonate, 20-23%of borax, and Sodium hexametaphosphate accounts for 54-55%. These three components are stirred evenly according to weight percentage, and the detailed requirements of the alkaline dyeing auxiliary agent made are above 60 meters.

The alkaline dyeing additive prepared by this method is solid. It needs to be dissolved in water during use. In the water solution, it has the performance of Aohe, softening water, and decentralization. Essence The role of Sodium Hexametaphosphat is that metal ions in Aohe aquarian’s, such as calcium, magnesium, etc., can achieve the effects of soft water and decentralization.

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