Многочисленные функции фосфатов в зерне и масличных продуктах

Многочисленные функции фосфатов в зерне и масличных продуктах

Reveal the scientific way of phosphate in food processing

Phosphorus is an essential mineral element for the human body, and phosphate, as an important food additive, plays a key role in grain and oil products. This article will focus on the multi-faceted improvement of foods such as phosphate, frozen steamed buns, dumplings, and seafood.

Improvement of phosphate to noodles

Phosphate plays an important role in noodles, and its improvement effect is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Increasing gluten: Adding phosphate can significantly enhance the gluten of gluten and make the noodles more chewy.
Reduce starch dissolving material: Through the effect of phosphate, starch is more stable during the cooking process, reducing the dissolution of starch, and maintaining the shape of the noodles.
Enhanced noodle viscosity: phosphate makes the dough more sticky and improves the taste of the noodles.
Improve the surface of the surface of the noodles: The application of phosphate makes the surface of the noodles smoother and enhances the appearance of texture.

The application of phosphate in the production of quick-frozen steamed buns

In the production of quick-frozen steamed buns, phosphate played important functions, including:
Improve the texture and taste of steamed buns: the addition of phosphate makes the steamed buns softer and better.
Increase the water retention capacity of steamed buns: phosphate helps reduce the water loss of steamed buns during production, fermentation, and steaming, and improves water retention.
Increased steamed buns: phosphate promotes the steamed buns more fluffy and increases the bulk.
Reduce the cracking after the frozen bun thawing: the effect of phosphate makes the steamed buns more stable, and it is not easy to crack after thawing.
The effect of composite phosphate in frozen dumplings
In the production of frozen dumplings, composite phosphate played a certain role, mainly reflected in:
The color that suppresses the thawing of dumplings: The addition of composite phosphate will help slow down the deepening of the dumpling skin and keep the color of the dumplings.

The application of phosphate in seafood processing

In the field of seafood processing, the use of phosphate has a significant impact on the quality of seafood:
Prevention of seafood and nutritional loss: Adding phosphate effectively solves the problem of losing taste and nutritional component loss in processing of seafood in processing.

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