Le rôle clé du tripolyphosphate de sodium dans le traitement de l'eau

Pyrophosphate de sodium TSPP

Effective options to solve the problem of Circulating cooling water

Audition is a type of potion that has the function of dispersion inorganic salt, preventing or interfering with the sedimentation of insoluble inorganic salt precipitation on the surface of the metal surface to maintain the good heat transfer effect of metal equipment. Sodium Tripolyphosphate as an inorganic phosphorus polymer, plays an important role in water treatment.

Water Resources Management Challenge
my country has faced a lack of water resources for a long time, especially with the sharp rise in industrial water, this problem has become particularly prominent. Based on cycle cooling water is a feasible way, which can save more than 95% of water. However, with the use of circulatory water, the content of minerals in water gradually increases, and the water quality deteriorates, which brings problems such as corrosion, scaling, and algae to the cooling water system.

Sodium tripolyphosphat solution
Sodium Tripolyphosphate is used as a stuffing agent in water treatment, especially in cooling water treatment. A trace amount of trimer phosphate is added to the water to destroy the normal growth of the crystal and prevent the formation of the CACO3 scale. The mechanism of dirt is adsorbed on the active point of the transistor’s surface through the functional group or static power in the molecule, slowing the growth of the crystal, keeping the crystal in the micro-crystal state, and increasing its solubility. This mechanism makes the agent have a threshold effect.

The advantage of the Goway chemical industry
Goway chemical industry uses the thermal industry to produce Sodium Tripolyphosphate, which ensures the high purity and low impurities of the product, making it more stable in water treatment, and becoming a reliable choice to solve the problem of cooling water.

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