The important role of Sodium Pyrophosphate in food additives

The important role of Sodium Pyrophosphate in food additives

The application of sodium pyrophosphate in the food industry

1. Improve food quality and convenience

Food additives play key roles in the modern food industry. By improving color, fragrance, and taste, increasing food nutrition, improving food quality, improving processing conditions, preventing deterioration, extending the shelf life, and bringing significantly improved food development.

2. Food-grade Sodium Pyrophosphate’s role in food processing

2.1 Application scenarios for food types

With the development of social development and living standards, food-grade Sodium Pyrophosphate as a food additive is widely used in food processing, providing more types and more convenient choices for foods.

2.2 Specific role display

Canned poultry such as duck four treasures, shiitake mushroom duck wings: By adding composite salt (Sodium Pyrophosphate 60%, 40%of sodium trimer) to inhibit the production of iron sulfide and improve the quality of the finished product.

Canned pork intestine: Add composite salt when chopping meat (Sodium Pyrophosphate60%, sodium trimer 40%).

Fish Mo Mi: Use sodium pyrophosphate60%, 40%of sodium trimer).

2.3 Application of multi-angle

Food-grade Sodium Pyrophosphate can not only be used as PH regulators and metal chelating agents, but also mixed compound phosphate with other phosphates, or used alone to provide a variety of application options.

2.4 Re-confirmation of importance

Sodium Pyrophosphate is irreplaceable in the food industry, providing a good foundation for the improvement of food quality, improvement of stability, and new product development.

The application of food-grade Sodium Pyrophosphate, under the premise of strict standards, and rational use of food additives will continue to provide food with more innovative and convenient choices.

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