Гексаметафосфат -Shmp натрия

Sodium Hexametaphosphate–SHMP Manufacturer in China

Alias: Sodium phosphate glass, sodium hexametaphosphate

Molecular formula: (NaPO3)n

Инструкция по упаковке: Бумажный мешок или PP-PE мешок, вес нетто 25 кг, 50 кг 1000 кг на мешок, или на основе требований клиентов.

Executive standard: HG/T 2519-2017

Usage: Used as high efficient additive of water softner and detergent in cooling water treatment in power station, vehicle, boiler and fertilizer plant. As flotation agent in ore dressing industry and as sedative in pharmaceutical. And also used in fabric dyeing, leather, paper-making, soil analysis, radition chemical, analytical chemistry, etc.

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