A humidade do Tripolifosfato de Sódio na indústria alimentar mantém o efeito

O tripolifosfato de sódio pode melhorar o sabor do frango
How Sodium Tripolyphosphate Improves the Quality and Water Retention of Meat Products


Sodium Tripolyphosphate Introduction


The moisture holder plays an irreplaceable role in the modern food industry. Among them, Sodium Tripolyphosphate as an important additive, not only improves the moisture maintenance ability of meat products but also has a positive impact on its quality. We will take everyone to understand how sodium tripolyphosphate plays a water preservation role in meat products.


The Moisture Maintenance Mechanism of Meat Products


Meat products often lose water during the processing process, resulting in nutrients such as hardened meat and loss of soluble protein. Sodium tripolyphosphate, as an additive, solves this problem well. First, it adjusts the pH value of the meat to deviate from the electrical point of the internal protein, thereby improving the water-holding ability of the meat. Secondly, by increasing ion strength, it is conducive to dissolving muscle fibrin, destroying the mesh structure of muscle protein, releasing the polar base combined with water, and improving the moisture maintenance ability of meat.


Increase the Chelating Effect of Meat pH Value and Metal Ions


A aplicação de Tripolifosfato de Sódio pode não só melhorar o valor do pH da carne, mas também quelar com iões metálicos. Isto ajuda a dissolver algumas proteínas na carne, a manter os produtos à base de carne com o maior grau de humidade, a melhorar a sua combinação, a obter maciez e a manter mais nutrientes. Na carne, salsichas, enchimento de carne e outros produtos, o STPP desempenha um papel insubstituível.


Sodium Tripolyphosphate Function in Meat Food


Sodium tripolyphosphate can not only play a role in maintaining moisture in meat food but also improve the quality of meat products. It can make the meat tender, the shape is more regular, and the color is brighter. Use it in soy protein, which can maintain water content and enhance the taste of food.




Sodium Tripolyphosphate plays an irreplaceable role as a moisture holder in the processing of meat products. Adjusting the mechanism of pH value and chelating metal ions not only improves the water-holding ability of meat but also improves the quality of the product. In the food industry, the use of STPP scientifically and reasonably will help produce more delicious meat products.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. What is Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP)?
    • Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) is a food additive that enhances moisture retention and improves the quality of meat products.
  2. How does STPP improve water retention in meat?
    • STPP adjusts the pH value and increases ion strength, which helps dissolve muscle fibrin and release water-binding polar bases, improving water retention.
  3. What is the role of STPP in meat processing?
    • STPP enhances the water-holding capacity, tenderness, shape, and color of meat products, making them more appealing and nutritious.
  4. Can STPP be used in other food products?
    • Yes, STPP can be used in soy protein to maintain water content and enhance the taste of food.
  5. Why is STPP important in the food industry?
    • STPP is essential for producing high-quality, delicious meat products by improving moisture retention and overall product quality.

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