Is Sodium Tripolyphosphate safe?

Sodium tripolyphosphate for food

Sodium tripolyphosphate is safe. The simple Sodium Tripolyphosphate is generally not consumed. If it is added to food as a food additive, it can usually be eaten normally. Sodium Tripolyphosphate belongs to a kind of inorganic compound. It is currently mainly used as a food additive. It has the effects of maintaining moisture, pH adjustment, and improved quality.

The simple Sodium Tripolyphosphate has certain irritation and corrosiveness, which contains more phosphate. This substance can cause a certain stimulation to the eyes. After contact, it will cause patients with tears and red eyes. After eating, it will stimulate the intestines and stomach tract, causing patients with discomfort such as abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. After children eat, they may also cause too much calcium ions and abnormal bone growth and development. Therefore, the simple Sodium tripolyphosphate is not edible.

Sodium tripolyphosphate can be used as a food additive. After adding Sodium Tripolyphosphate to foods such as vegetables, juice, milk, milk, and other foods, it can effectively improve the acidity of fruit juice and soften vegetables and fruit meat. It has the effect of maintaining moisture. At present, the Sodium Tripolyphosphate added in foods is all in the safe range, and it will not affect the human body after consumption. So when Sodium Tripolyphosphate is used as a food additive, it can be eaten.

Sodium tripolyphosphate can also be used in detergents. At this time, Sodium Tripolyphosphate is also unavailable. Otherwise, patients will experience symptoms such as dermatitis, red eyes, swelling, and pain. When the above phenomenon occurs, go to the hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible and cooperate with the doctor for treatment.

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