L'application du pyrophosphate de sodium dans l'alimentation

Pyrophosphate de sodium TSPP

Sodium Pyrophosphate’s role and precautions in food

TSP Overview

Sodium Pyrophosphate is a food additive, commonly in various foods, but for people with allergies, pay attention to consuming it with caution.

Function and function

Anti-corrosion preservation: It has the effects of anticorrosion and preservation in food, which helps extend the shelf life of food.
Effect: It can improve the taste of food and make it more delicious.
Antioxidant: It has a certain antioxidant effect, which can slow down the oxidation and deterioration speed of food.

Precautions for patients

Allergic reaction: If the patient is allergic to Sodium Pyrophosphat, it is not advisable to eat foods containing Sodium Pyrophosphat to avoid discomfort such as skin itching and redness.
Medical in time: If allergic symptoms occur, patients are recommended to seek medical treatment in time to obtain professional medical advice.

Suggestions of daily life

Equilibrium diet: It is recommended that patients pay attention to the balance of diet, consume rich nutrients, and avoid eating foods that are too spicy and irritating.
Rest rest: Maintain adequate sleep time to avoid staying up late to help improve immunity.
Regular physical examination: Patients should conduct relevant examinations regularly to ensure good health.
Sodium Pyrophosphate is widely used in food
Multifunctional application of white powder
Food-grade Sodium Pyrophosphate is a white powder that is used as a stabilizer and buffer in food processing. Add food-grade TSP in the production of soy sauce and juice, which can improve product color and make it brighter.
The superior effect of chelating metal ions
Sodium Pyrophosphate not only helps improve the quality of the finished product but also can be used as a melting agent and emulsifier for cheese. Use in moderation in soy sauce, soy sauce, and other products to prevent brown change and improve color.
The difference between food grade and industrial level
Food-grade Sodium Pyrophosphate, such as products supplied by Goway Chemical, has food additive production permits, safe and reliable, and can be widely used in food processing.

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