Sodium Tripolyphosphate’s multiple applications in food processing

Application du tripolyphosphate de sodium dans la production de jambon.

The role of sodium tripolyphosphate food additives

Food additives play an indispensable role in the food industry, and Sodium Tripolyphosphate, as one of them, played multiple role in food processing and brought substantial benefits to the food industry. Below will introduce the application of Sodium Tripolyphosphat in different food processing fields.

The stable color of beans and honey

Food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate is widely used in food processing of beans and honey, and its ability to stabilize natural pigments can protect the color of food and ensure that the appearance of the product is more attractive.

The taste of cold food and ice cream increases

In the process of cold food manufacturing, such as the production of ice cream, Sodium Tripolyphosphate exerts its powerful chelating, buffering effects, and decentralized effects to promote protein solidification, improve the taste, and make the product more delicious.

Improving the taste of drinks and dairy products

Food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate can not only improve the taste in drink processing, and make the drink more fresh and refreshing, but also prevent gel from precipitation and improve product quality. At the same time, it also acts as an acidity regulator and a buffer.

The improvement of the quality and efficiency of meat food processing

In the processing of meat products such as sausages and ham, Sodium Tripolyphosphate not only improves the marinating effect, improves the flavor of the product, extends the shelf life, and also plays a role of anti-corrosion.

Water retention and expansion of aquatic products

In the processing of aquatic products, seafood foods, and kelp products, Sodium Tripolyphosphate plays the role of water preservation, expansion, and bleaching, preventing protein deterioration, extending the shelf life, and improving product quality.

Seasoning taste upgrade

The application of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in soy sauce or vinegar not only improves product flavor, and extends the shelf life, but also prevents color change, increases viscosity, shortens the fermentation period, and provides multiple advantages for the production of condiments.

The shelf and efficiency of cans and ham

In addition to maintaining the original flavor in canned food, ham, and other foods, it also has a significant effect of high water holdings, increased mobility, and anti-fat oxidation, which significantly extends the shelf life.

Quality clarification of alcohol products

In beer manufacturing, Sodium Tripolyphosphate has improved product quality, clarifies the liquor, prevents turbidity, and provides effective support for the production of alcohol products.
Overall, the diverse application of food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate in food processing makes it an indispensable food additive. Food-grade STPP supplied by Goway Chemical is high and stable in quality. It is a reliable choice in the food industry.

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