Tripolyphosphate de sodium Application dans les produits aquatiques

Application du polyphosphate de sodium dans les produits aquatiques.

Sodium tripolyphosphate can improve the taste and improve the quality of the product.

During the processing process, aquatic products need to pay special attention to water preservation, and Sodium tripolyphosphate, as the application of a water preservation agent, can effectively reserve water and improve meat without losing color?

Aquatic product preservation challenge

Aquatic products are prone to water loss after cooked processing or thawing, which has a significant negative effect on the taste and product appearance. Water loss may lead to poor taste, product slag, and loss of original color, so it is important to find a suitable water preservation agent.

Sodium tripolyphosphate application

Sodium tripolyphosphate plays a key role in aquatic product processing. It is mainly used in the process of food processing. It can improve the water retention of the product without affecting the color, improve the color, flavor, and shape of the food, and has the effect of anti -oxidation.

Advantages and application scenarios

In the processing of aquatic products, the use of Sodium tripolyphosphate has the following advantages:
Quickly dissolve and strong penetration: Ensure fast osmotic effects to make it more efficient during processing.
Water preservation weight: reduce the loss of nutrients in processing, and increase the product’s production rate.
Prevent meat oxidation: By unbuttoning the muscular protein, increase the strength of meat, improve the quality, shape and flavor of food, and maintain the tender taste of the product.
Inhibit the growth of microorganisms: Improve the stability of the product and water preservation ability, and extend the fresh-keeping storage period.

Market development trend

With the development of the economy and the improvement of consumer demand for aquatic products, the aquatic product industry is gradually developing in the direction of increasing production and quality. Under this trend, technologies such as ice wet and refrigerated, slightly frozen refrigeration, fast frozen freshness, and cold sea water preservation are gradually applied to the processing of aquatic products, and Sodium tripolyphosphate also plays a positive role as a water preservation agent, prompting the industrial structure of aquatic products to promote the industrial structure of aquatic products Gradually optimize and upgrade.
Conclusion: The application of Sodium tripolyphosphate in aquatic products can not only solve the problem of water retention, but also improve the quality of the product industry through its multiple advantages, and meet the needs of the development of the aquatic product industry.

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