Food additives and sodium tripolyphosphate: Truth analysis

L'hexamétaphosphate de sodium : un choix exceptionnel pour les additifs alimentaires

From Food Safety to reasonable use, revealing the Concerns of consumers’ concerns


In real life, food additives have become a topic that has attracted widespread attention. However, due to the emergence of abuse and illegal use, especially the application of food additives Sodium Tripolyphosphate, many consumers have caused concerns. In this article, Goway Chemical will answer your doubts about food additives and take you to understand this topic more in-depth.

History and role of food additives

The development of food additives is inseparable from the evolution of the food industry. Its main functions include the needs of the processing process and the needs of taste or nutrition. The level of food safety has been improved over time, and the real problem is more due to food-based bacterial pollution and other pollutants such as agricultural residues, beast residues, and heavy metals.

Sodium tripolyphosphate application in food

Consumers often have doubts about the food of Sodium Tripolyphosphate. The use of food-grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate in the food industry is legal and meets national standards. It is mainly used in the quality modifiers of canned food, juice drinks, dairy products, soy milk, etc. The moisture-holding agent also plays a role in canned ham tender and the softening of broad bean cans.

Views on food safety

Food safety issues are more concentrated on other pollutants such as food-based bacterial pollution, agricultural residues, beast residues, and heavy metals, not caused by reasonable use of food additives. As long as it is used reasonably by national standards, food additives will not become the main food safety issue.

in conclusion

Food additives, including Sodium Tripolyphosphat, are reasonable to ensure food safety. Although consumers are concerned about food safety, as long as they follow national standards and strengthen supervision, they can ensure the legality and safety of food. Therefore, we should treat the doubts about food additives rationally and ensure the quality and safety of food through correct use and supervision.

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