Application of sodium tripolyphosphate in washing industry

Application of sodium tripolyphosphate in washing industry

Sodium Tripolyphosphate’s scientific application in detergent


In daily washing, the existence of heavy metal ions and dirt will reduce the efficiency of detergent, so it is necessary to add specific substances for treatment. This article will deeply explore the scientific application of Sodium Tripolyphosphate produced by Goway chemical production in detergent, focusing on its excellent control effect on heavy metal ions and dirt.

The chelating effect of heavy metal ions

In daily water, heavy metal ions such as CA2+, MG2+and the active substances in the detergent form insoluble metal salts to reduce the washing effect. Sodium tripolyphosphate can effectively close these ions through a strong chelating effect, eliminate its adverse effects on washing, and maintain the washing effect.

Multi-effect on dirt

The Sodium Tripolyphosphate produced by Goway chemical not only captures the metal ingredients in the dirt, and relieves it, but also expands and dissolves the protein in the dirt, and achieves the effect of solving. At the same time, it has the effect of promoting milk to fat, and it shows a good dispersion effect on solid dirt.

Keep the stability of detergent

The addition of Sodium Tripolyphosphate not only helps to prevent detergents from being cubicabsorbent, to keep them dry and refreshing but also has an alkaline buffer effect, which is conducive to the effective removal of acid dirt.


In summary, the Sodium Tripolyphosphate produced by Goway Chemicals shows excellent chelating and dirt control effects in the detergent, providing scientific and reliable support for the washing process.

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